The easiest way to help our little ones grown and thrive is to invest in appropriate games and toys. But choosing the best educational toys is not always that easy. But don’t worry, today we will not only discover the best learning games for babies but also the main developmental stages. Because when we understand their milestones we can make better learning game choices.

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We will have a look at some of the best learning games for babies and then also review their developmental stages.

Best learning games for babies from birth to 24 months

Choosing learning games and toys that the ones recommended below will help your small child thrive and have the best possible start in the early years.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

The number one bestseller baby einstein take along tunes musical toy is a brilliant learning game for infants. Complete with

  • engaging melodies and
  • stimulating lights to promote learning from an early age

Wooden activity cube

The wooden activity cube is a great activity center for kids older than one year and helps them improve

  • hand-eye-coordination
  • imaginative play and
  • cause-effect understanding

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

The Little Tikes activity garden baby playset is the perfect learning game to develop

  • fine motor skills using
  • phonics and music

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest jumperoo is great for learning as it encourages healthy development and

  • stimulates gross motor skills
  • language and hearing skills

Buckle Toys – Buster Square

The buckle toys buster square is an engaging learning game teaching your little one

  • fine motor skills
  • cognitive skills
  • hand-eye coordination and
  • problem-solving

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

The trusted stack up cup toys have been a popular learning game for many years and with good reason as it teaches

  • fine motor skills and
  • number counting and recognition

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Game and Learn Controller

This laugh and learn game and learn controller is great for introducing shapes, colors numbers and letters and perfect for babies aged

  • 6 to 36 months

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Another awesome learning game for young kids is the Leapfrog learning friends 100 words book. It’s perfect for early language and speech development and bilingual.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This sit-to-stand learning walker

  • play music and
  • stimulates creativity whilst
  • developing gross motor skills

VTech musical rhymes book

The best-seller musical rhymes book is perfect for

  • babies from 6 months old

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas

The colorful rattle and rock maracas are perfect for little hands to grab and shake from 3 months old and perfect for stimulating your little one’s

  • gross motor and
  • sensory skills

Infant and baby development

Our kids develop at a super-fast speed from birth to two years olds. Let’s have a quick look at the different developmental stages of our babies including sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, and social skills. This will help us choose the most appropriate learning games for babies.

Cognitive skills

during the first two years, your infant will grow by leaps and bounds developing the brain and learning to

  • problem solve
  • exploring
  • developing an imagination

Fine motor skills

  • grabbing
  • stacking
  • pinching objects

Gross motor skills

  • sitting
  • pulling up
  • crawling
  • standing up

Language skills

  • imitating sounds
  • vocalizing and babbling
  • using at least one word by age 1

Social and emotional skills

  • self-control
  • interaction with others
  • smiling and waving

Learning toys for babies summarized

Hope you enjoyed the list of learning games and toys for babies. And to help you choose the best ones here is a quick list of criteria to consider before investing

The benefit of learning games

The best learning games and toys

  • improve hand-eye coordination
  • stimulate verbal learning, including letters and words
  • stimulate memory and focus
  • improve gross motor skills
  • spark creativity and imagination
  • stimulate physical development
  • is safe for your child’s age
  • help to improve fine motor skills
  • help to develop auditory learning, including music
  • stimulate at least one, but preferably multiple senses

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