Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Mask

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The leading toy brand Hasbro announced their first Augmented Reality toy at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year. And it’s a good one!

The Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience Mask Detail

Iron Man is surely the best choice for the first release in their Marvel Hero Vision range of AR products. This superhero is a sound favorite with the kids. Tony Starks’ hi-tech background makes him the best choice as the first superhero to get the AR treatment.

This super set includes

  • an Iron Man Mask
  • AR goggles
  • Iron Man Gauntlet
  • three AR markers
  • infinity Stone
  • full instructions
  • free app downloaded to Android or iOS smartphone (compatibility with Android 5 or iOS 6 or higher)

*The app is comparable to Snapchat’s type of Augmented Reality in which objects are put around a room.

Place the phone inside the Iron Man mask to play. A plus-sized iPhone or larger Android might not fit so be sure to check specifications. The AR system runs through your phone, and therefore needs no additional internet connection or bluetooth to play.

Playing the game

The gameplay is interactive and designed for kids older than 8.

  • Download the launch app
  • place the three plate-sized AR markers anywhere in the room
  • put on the Iron man Gauntlet
  • position the phone into the goggles
  • wear the super cool mask

And you are ready to battle!

Time for Action

Your mission is to protect the 3 markers from Thanos and his evil minions. Use the gauntlet to target the evils. Do this by aiming your gauntlet palm up at the baddies. You can, in turn, block their attack by turning your gauntlet face down. 

The game has 10 levels to complete. You need to upgrade Iron Man’s Armor after level 3. Remove the phone from the goggles and upgrade. This step is included to decrease continuous screen time and to prevent disorientation or dizziness associated with prolonged play time. A smart move from the manufacturer Hasbro.

The Future

The Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience mask provides hours of gameplay. Compatible infinity tokens will be released to extend play options.  

This is a great first release of AR experience toys. The set offers basic gameplay and requires a smartphone. The hero vision iron man AR experience set is very reasonably priced and your young Iron Man will have hours of fun with this invention.  

Grab your AR experience now!