The Barbie Beekeeper Playset

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The super cool Barbie Beekeeper Playset is here! Did you think Barbie can be an apiarist? 

Barbie’s 60th Birthday Celebration

60th birthday? Yes, but luckily Barbie never ages, she just gets prettier and more environmentally friendly! 

The Barbie career line dolls have a new addition: The Barbie beekeeper playset.  Each Barbie career doll wears clothes associated with her trade. She also has accessories to make for hours of play fun. The Barbie career dolls include the Barbie Dentist, Barbie Doctor, Barbie Farm Vet and many more.

And don’t forget the newest addition: Barbie Beekeeper  – The soon-to-be favorite! 

Barbie Beekeeper Playset Details

The best part of the Barbie beekeeper playset is educating whilst having fun. The playset gives you the opportunity to discuss the importance of endangered species. How bees pollinate flowers. The way honey is made. Link your discussion with a good book about bees or even a YouTube video. Make honey-based snacks together and teach yourself about the importance of these little bees. 

Fashionable wardrobe

Beekeeper Barbie is dressed as fashionably as we would expect. Also with an extra layer of protective gear to save her from bee stings. She is dressed in a pair of brown boots and blue pants. Showing off a white jacket, decorated with bees. Protective white gloves and the required beekeeper’s safety gear completes the picture. And, don’t forget her white hat with a protective veil. Of course, this Barbie comes in two versions, Barbie African-American and Caucasian.

Awesome Accessories

The Barbie beekeepers playset includes great accessories. Included is a colorful stand with a blue spinning beehive. The computer monitor and two honey bear jars are a great addition. But don’t forget the sliding honeycomb.  

What would a beehive be without some bees! And, they can be housed in the beehive sliding drawer. When the bees come out of the drawer the pollinate some beautiful orange flowers. You can attach the bees with their pegged bodies. Lots of fun for little hands!

 Why I am buying the Barbie Beekeeper playset for my daughter

This career doll set is different than the usual sets – and we love it! This set is great for the Barbie collection but also for any little girl loving dolls. Add the Barbie Beekeeper now to your career doll collection. There surely isn’t a better way to start your collection either! 

I am all for teaching kids whilst having fun, and the Barbie Beekeeper playset makes this easy!

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Ready for the Barbie career doll? Add to or start your collection today with the great Barbie Beekeeper 2018 playset. Perfect for any little girl. Grab yours now! #Barbiedoll #barbiebeekeeper #kidstoys